Narrative Buddy helps take the stress out of putting together a great story.

Narrative Buddy is a tool designed by Airmen for Airmen with the intention of simplifying the challenging process of writing narrative statements. Our goal is to provide a helpful and inclusive resource for all, regardless of writing experience. Whether you are new to writing or looking for inspiration, Narrative Buddy is here to offer support and guidance.

  • 1

    Summarize with Action

    Summarize what you have accomplised and maybe write some nonsense about how you did and why you think it's important.

  • 2

    Generate Narrative Statements

    Davinici-003/Chat-GPT (for now) generates two different variations for you to choose from.

  • 3

    Not great?

    Step 2.  Rinse and Repeat.


Site has SSL certificates, all traffic is encrypted.


All numbers and countries are redacted/obfuscated before storage.

Future Proof

The goal is to move to an IL2 hosting solution utilizing neo-x-20b language model


A game to evaluate your ability to identify great narrative statements is coming soon!


Considering naming it MyNarrativeBuddy.  Sike.

User Account

Ability to save narrative statements to user accounts in in the works.

Narrative Buddy


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