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What Happened.

OpenAI sets a $90 hard limit on backend requests. In order to go above $90, I have to formally submit a request asking for an increase. While that hard limit is a little frustrating, I'm thankful because I really don't want to continue to pay for this out of pocket. The project will be live again after I get back from my TDY on Wednesday/Thursday. IN the meantime, read below on how the secret sauce is made. This does not factor in the obfuscation I take on my side, so be careful with what you are posting.
With that $90 limit, there are some plays going on in the background. I am actively engaging with Air Force Leadership to get this application integrated into our every day writing process. The few leaders I have talked with at HAF have given very positive remarks on us making our lives easier with ChatGPT.

For everyone that sends a contact form, I appreciate the tenacity and I read everyone single one. I also read every email you send and I feel humbled and valued so heavily with the outpour of positive email submissions. If anyone wants to meet up, I'll be at the BRAVO Hackathon at the end of this Month and would be down to get some drinks.

How to Use ChatGPT with Narrative Bullet Tool

If you want to get the same results you are used to seeing within Narrative Buddy, inside of ChatGPT follow these steps:

  1. Copy the primer text - The first thing you need to do is copy the primer text. This is the exact text I use to prime every API call that is made through Narrative Buddy. Copy the following text inside of the quotes:

    "Narrative Statements are a narrative style used to communicate accomplishments and results in the United States Air Force. They should be efficient and increase clarity of an Airman's performance.

In the United States Air Force, Narrative Statements should be a standalone sentence with action and at least one of impact or results/outcome and written in plain language without uncommon acronyms and abbreviations.

The first word of a narrative statement should be a strong action verb.

The performance statement should be one sentence and written in past tense. It should also include transition words like "by" and "which".

Personal pronouns (I, me, my, we, us, our, etc.) should not be used.

If I give you some input could you write me a narrative statement with those rules in mind?"

2. Open ChatGPT - Next, open ChatGPT at the following URL:

3. Paste the Primer Text - Click into the chat interface and paste the primer text.

Copy and Paste Text

4. Submit your own text - At this point, the conversation with ChatGPT is primed and ready for your inputs. Write what you would typically write in Narrative Buddy, in the Chat interface supplied by ChatGPT.

Putting own content in

The cool part about using the interface is that you can have it tweaked via a conversation with ChatGPT to get better results.

If you made it this far, I'm sorry that the format of this blog is terrible. I have to write my own framework for blogging since I do not use any of those prebuilt applications. I literally had to build this from the ground up. When I get back I'll put some reps towards making this more readable.

Thanks all!

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